Wet, Booted & Beat

I left the office late tonight — one of the consequences of taking Thursday off last week to make a long, and productive weekend at home. When I got to my car, I noticed one of the only other cars left in the parking lot was a booted Mustang. Everyone else but me and the owner of the Mustang had the  good sense to go home at a reasonable hour (good thing I pay for a parking permit).

While getting back into the car at the post office, I noticed the sad state of the handicap parking spot next to me — I could really relate to it with all my sore joints, sinuses that make my teeth and ears to hurt, and my overall stiffness that makes it hard for me to move. With all the work I’ve been doing on the property, the thunderstorms moving through, and getting back on my bike after months of not riding, I feel wet, run over and broken like that poor handicap symbol.

I just finished cooking 30 pounds of carne adovada stew. I did several things differently for this batch: 1) I doubled the amount of carne adovada from 5 to 10 pounds; 2) I cut the amount of potatoes in half; 3) instead of cooking the potatoes with the frijoles, I pan fried them with onions and garlic until they were golden brown and slightly scorched around the edges, and 4) I only used the chile the carne adovada was marinaded in for the chile sauce and chile flavor. By not adding extra red chile, the stew came out moist but not soupy. The final result is wonderful from my initial taste test, so it should be fabulous, and “to die for” tomorrow after the flavors age and blend together over night.