Claw, Clouds, Cat

Before I drove off the scale with my load of scrap metal this morning, the woman at the window handed me a receipt with the loaded weight printed on it and told me: “Drive to area five at the end of the road. We are not responsible for any damage to your truck!” I understood her last comment after the crane operator directed me to back up under the “claw” he was using to toss scrap metal onto the mountain of discarded iron and steel. No sooner had I exited the truck that he grabbed a claw-full of scrap I had piled to the height of the cab, and tossed it onto the iron mountain. He was going for the second claw-full when I snapped the photo. I was impressed by the crane operator’s skill at picking stuff out of the bed of the truck without damaging anything but the scrap.

I loaded up the truck with the aluminum roofing and solar panels I dismantled yesterday, but by the time I got everything else done, it was too late to make another run to Acme. I’ll take the aluminum first thing in the morning, and then gather up more scrap metal laying around the property and make another visit to the “claw”.

I went on a very short ride this afternoon before the lightning and wind made me reconsider.  Now that the winds have died down, there is a steady rain falling. The temperature dropped from 85 around 5:00 pm to 68 by 6:30 pm, about an hour after the storm blew in. The temperature is holding at 68 on the deck with the rain pattering on the canopy. It feels cold after working out in 85 degree temperatures this afternoon.

The kitties enjoy the rain. They like to lay around on the edge of the deck watching the rain — then all of a sudden take a stroll around the garden in the rain, come back to the deck all wet, and ask to go inside.