44 thoughts on “Four-Tenths

  1. That bud looks like an alien! And your last iris photo is absolutely stunning – actually, they all are. Beauteous!

  2. A fine set of flowers, Tim. I’m finally seeing irises bloom here. The apple trees are gorgeous now, and the sweet musky scent wafts on the air.

  3. The first plant is a ‘beautiful creature’ – isn’t Mother Nature amazing? I love the Iris….one of my favourite flowers. Thank you for starting my day on such a good footing. Here’s to lovely gentle rain:)

  4. How lovely…Although I must agree with Dale on the alien one. When I saw it in my reader I thought..What?. Well sort of what anyway. The aliteration is great too!

  5. Great flower photos Tim. Did you go spalsh in the puddles? C’mon . . . you can tell us.

    • It took the long way around the globe. No stinking great circles for the clouds Thanks, Marina.

    • We never have warm rain here. We are to 5000 feet. The temp dropped from 78 to 65 in a matter of minutes when it started raining. Thanks, Samatha.

  6. That first thing frightens me and I can’t get “Feed Me Seymour” out of my head. Good luck to me getting any sleep tonight. Now that Rio Samba is gorgeous!!

    • I thought the first was a bit like the body snatchers. Either way, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Thanks, Brian.

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