44 thoughts on “Got Their Backs

  1. Remarkable, I will say this ~ you have some pretty exciting and photogenic friends around your part of the woods. Fantastic shots.

  2. They look like they are ready to go. So only two this year – if I remember correctly you let us watch three grow up last year.

    • That was a different pair of owls last year. The tree with the nest was cut down last August. I don’t know where they are nesting. This pair were farther north. Their nest broke apart three years ago. We saw them last year after they were out of the nest, but I didn’t discover their nest until this year. This pair usually have two owlets. Thanks, Brian.

  3. Seeing them is such a treat, and they have gotten so big. I love the way you have them physically touching the tree. It is an extraordinary photograph. Thank you for sharing these Tim. Sending our best, Joni and Scott

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