43 thoughts on “Stuck

    • Thanks, Brad. I don’t see these woodpeckers as much as the hairy and downy ones. I should start seeing the flickers pretty soon.

  1. Beautiful photo, Timothy. I feel better believing it’s creative writing not a bird in a predicament, although I am sure it happens. 😞

  2. That sap can be quite sticky πŸ˜‰
    It does look like it’s stuck! Wouldn’t that be something were it to happen for real?
    Beautiful shot and fun Timku.

    • Ha! That was one sassy bird. She didn’t need no stinking help from the paparazzo. But she pretty much ignored him as well. She had more important things to do than worry about a pesky paparazzo. Thanks, Marina.

  3. I can think of afew people who would do well to peck at a tree and get stuck. They never stop rabbiting! ( to rabbit = cockney rhyming slang – rabbit and pork/ talk! ) sorry now I am rabbiting on too much.

  4. Now that is a quandary. So, if a woodpecker pecks on wood in the forest and nobody notices, is it still considered a woodpecker?

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