Tell Tale Tail & Ears

A Spunku:
Killed my tail and ears
Left them on a pile of wires
A night’s work is done

Spunk enjoying his favorite funky tunes on the Fender speaker

Sun shines through window
Spunk’s between flower and the sun
He’s looking guilty

44 thoughts on “Tell Tale Tail & Ears

    • He kills his tail and ears every night. I put them in his toy box every morning and then it’s interesting to see where they end up the next morning. Since it’s been cold, he often puts them in bed with us. Such a funny kitty.

  1. Spunk does look pleased with himself, if not a tad guilty, too. I enjoyed your Spunku and Timku.

    The snow is out of the forecast now, and it is back to periodic rain and grey for the week. How are the drought conditions down where you are?

  2. Yes, Well done Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹.
    He sure is looking healthy, especially from how he looked when he came home after the big run away.
    Looking guilty… and so cute!

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