35 thoughts on “Eye Spy

  1. That is a perfect caption for that lovely photo, Tim!

    Snowed here a good part of today, though it will melt quickly. Upper atmosphere cold, ground still too warm. It is all turning to slush.

  2. It’s so funny. I scrolled slowly down the photo trying to “see” what you spied until that eyeball caught me by surprise! I love that the photo was big enough that I could not see it all in one shot!

  3. Maybe the creatures of the bosque hired their own investigator to look into that shady paparazzo. 🤣

  4. Making sure you have your eye out for the blood moon total lunar eclipse on Tuesday, beginning at 1:03 am MST. Totality begins at 3:17 am, lasting for about an hour and half. The next total lunar eclipse for North America is March 14, 2025.

    • I’ve had that eclipse on my calandar, but now there is a meeting tomorrow morning. If I wake up at 3 or so I’ll go out and photograph it, but I’m not staying up all night for this one. We have reservations in Texas for the totality solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

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