Bluetooth Boombox

Laurie and I got ourselves a Fender® Audio Newport 2 Bluetooth Speaker for a combined birthday present. It’s stylish. It’s retro. It’s Fender. It’s very cool. It sounds really great, also. It has punchy bass, strong mid-range, and clear highs. It can be connected with Bluetooth, USB, or a cable with a 1/8-inch stereo jack on each end. While we thought we were getting this speaker for ourselves to listen to, the MLPs are going crazy over the new Audio Newport 2.

MLPs doing a happy Can-can.

The MLPs doing the hoof jive

82 thoughts on “Bluetooth Boombox

  1. This is great, nothing like a gift that you know will be used a lot and enjoyed. The ponies are hysterical by the way. Only you would think of this Tim. It is great. You two behave now. Big hugs to you both!!!! 🎉🎊🎈🎉💕🎊

      • Slow dancing sways him to close his eyes. I have played with his legs to the beat, but I end up laughing so hard, I just can’t do anymore – because the rest of him is still and I get the side-eye. And, keeping him vertical as if he were dancing a little jig… nope, not happening.
        Thanks, yes it is Tuesday, Election Day.

  2. I think you may have understated it’s ability to inflict brain damage. LOL.

    I saw a JBL speaker I’ve coveted on sale today. It hurt nit to buy it – but I really don’t listen to music at home so the purchase would be stupid.

  3. Oh wow, that Fender® Audio Newport 2 Bluetooth Speaker looks really cool! I’m planning to buy a little amp so I can occasionally play slide guitar or my Theremin. I love the looks of the vintage Fender amps.

    • I highly recommend the the PositiveGrid Spark Mini Amp: I have one, and it is the coolest little amp. It has an app that gives you hundreds of amplifier setups, and pedal combos. It is super loud and sounds fabulous for as tiny as it is. The app has a lot of cool features like when you play a song in your iTunes library, it shows you the chords, and you can slow down the song or speed it up. You can also plug it into your computer and record through the amp. Thanks, Herman.

    • But Boss amps are another thing. I have a Boss guitar amp and various Boss accessories. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  4. LOL! The ponies are too cute.
    That Fender looks great. When I met Norm, he was in bands. He used a Strat (same as Hendrix’s) and a Fender. The sound was sweet as honey.

      • Yes, it is. The frets are worn even with the fret board, so he only plays it once in awhile now. He wants to keep it original, so he won’t have it re-fretted. He has other guitars. Most are cheapos, but he has one nice Gibson. He also was gifted a Fender Jazz (I think jazz) Bass from 1970. He helped sell his friends guitar collection after he died, and the family let him pick one guitar. The collection of basses was quite impressive.

      • You can do a lot of cool stuff with a fretless guitar. I made one. It’s called the Serengeti Strat with it’s zebra striped body.

      • Cool! Obvi I’ve been over on Art Gowns. I still haven’t caught up over there, so will be heading back, once I catch up here.
        I’m so impressed that you post daily! xx

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