47 thoughts on “Farm & Ranch Graffiti

  1. Rather intriguing I might say – kind of reminds me of sitting at a railroad crossing watching car after car go by with some rather gorgeous graffiti on the sides. Seems like a long way to haul paint cans in your particular shots.

  2. The places graffiti artists get to, always astonishes me. There’s an empty falling to bits former college here graffitied near the top storey. The only way to do that was to come with ropes.

  3. This graffiti seems more elevated than the usual initial-scribblers. Hope the artist found a more lucrative and more acceptable venue for his art.
    Thanks for sharing โค

    • Thanks, Emmblu. Interesting comment on finding a more lucrative and acceptable venue for the artist. I would assume the artist is involved in ranching, but one never knows out here. It would be great to know what other artistic endeavors the artist is into.

  4. That IS strange Timothy!! It’s kind of beautiful in a way (though normally not my cup of tea). A reminder that’s were never actually alone no matter how far we are away from people

    • I find graffiti fascinating in how there seems to be the basest of animal instincts behind it. What compels people to want to mark their their territory like cats spraying on the walls? Thanks, LaShelle.

  5. Strange, but intriguing. I can see someone travelling around looking for odd places to spray.
    On the 5 hour train ride to Ottawa there is mucho country side, with graffiti in the strangest places. There is also graffiti all over the passing trains’ cars that transport supplies.
    The passenger trains are not graffitied.

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