Little Red Schoolhouse On The Prairie

Three Rivers School 1904 on NM Highway 54 between Carrizozo and Tularosa. I don’t know anything about this building other than it sits behind the Three Rivers Trading Post, it’s old, it’s red, and where it is.

The above satellite map shows the location of Three Rivers School. The school and the trading post are 24 miles south of Carrizozo and 18 miles north of Tularosa. The border of the White Sands Missle Range is about a mile west of NM Highway 54 at Three Rivers. The south end of the Valley of Fires lava flow is the black area west of the Three Rivers. East of Three Rivers is Sierra Blanca Peak which is 11,981 ft (3,652 m) high. The Trinity Test Site where the first nuclear bomb was detonated in 1945 is north and west of Three Rivers.

56 thoughts on “Little Red Schoolhouse On The Prairie

  1. The red building pics are wonderful. 🙂 Very NM, but not northern NM. A change of pace. Nice to see another part of the state.

    • Thanks, Susan. There are some buildings in Downtown Albuquerque from the same era that are built with a similar type of block.

    • I don’t know if it is or not. However, since there is not a registry of historic places plaque by the front door showing it is on the National Register of Historic Places, in may not be. Thanks, Jeff.

  2. What a striking building! I’ve never seen an old schoolhouse built that way. The blocks are very similar to the foundation of a house my husband and I owned in Virginia, which was built in 1925.

  3. The additional information on where the site is located was super cool. Feels like a great motorcycle cruise.

  4. Looks like it’s being kept up nicely.
    Interesting history about the nuclear bomb.
    Do they still find radiation traces after all these years?

    • I think we all glow a bit. There’s trace radiation. The sun way out does the blast site on exposing us to radiation. Thanks, Resa.

      • Gee, the radiation never goes away.
        Well, a glow in the dark Tim means I’ll always be able to find you.
        What a world!

  5. Now that is the spitting image of the classic little red schoolhouse. Kudos to whomever is responsible for the upkeep on that building – I also like the red against the blue sky.

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