56 thoughts on “The Adversary

      • Of course. You’re not seduced by the rosy offerings of the adversary, but so many are. And they heap his torment upon you. You need rose-colored glasses in these times of torment.

  1. The roses are beautiful. The first one looks like it has a green arm and rosebud hand, and is expressing something.

    That is an interesting store front. Downtown Albuquerque?

    • Thanks, Lavinia. That green arm of the adversary encircles the rose to put a chokehold on it. the storefront is over the hills and far away from downtown Albuquerque.

  2. How do you get the black background with the red rose?
    Beautiful rose shots, Tim.
    That’s quite the odd shop. woke alcoholism…. lol!

    • The black background is done with a portrait setting on my iPhone 13 Pro. It would work great on your gowns. Apple just announced the iPhone 14. But I’m not going to get one.

      • Interesting.
        Yeah, I saw the 14 being advertised. They (Apple) must know I have a 6S. I’m getting deal texts and emails.
        I’m more interested in the 13 pro. I just need get a few things under control here.

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