36 thoughts on “Hole in Blue

  1. Ahh, it’s been awhile since you posted one of these what is its.
    You know, when I read the title, think of something, then scroll down and did I get it?
    Thought this would be a sky post.
    Lotsa fun, Time thank you!

    I’m working on the next PBH, AGM post. I searched Tangle – Heart and there’s lots to choose from. xo

    • Thanks, LaShelle. I looked around on your blog a bit. I only red snippets of your entries, but looked closely at a lot of your photos. The are excellent. It’s amazing what an phone can do (you had some phone photos as Mt Rushmore). I used my iPhone to take the “Hole in Blue”. There were a couple of comments I wanted to add to your posts, but WP wouldn’t allow me the option. It happens a lot, especially on self-hosted sites. I was wondering what snake chased you? You mentioned it in your little animals post. I know all about evil goats. BTW. In one of your selfies, you look a lot like my vet.

      • Most of my images are with a DSLR but yes, those taken in Glacier and Yellowstone were with my iPhone 🥰. That’s so weird about WordPress not letting you comment! I think it solves the problem if you don’t use the reader and just go to my website and comment, there’s the ability to put in your name and your blog also. http://www.everpineforestandfarm.com. I was chased by a big black king snake! They can be pretty territorial. It’s what makes them handy on our farm because they eat the bad snakes but they can be quite daring to people! That’s too funny that I look like your vet! I’ve gained weight since some of the photos were taken I think I talk ab bit about my weight fluctuations on the post called “The Zebra Farmer” I’ve been severely underweight and then on the opposite end of the spectrum being overweight because of my health. Thanks so much for reaching out and reading Timothy! I’m going to go follow your blog right now so I can keep updated with yours. I’m multitasking today between dropping off flowers bouquets, picking my kid up from school, and doing farm chores ☺️ so be patient with me ❤️

      • Black King snakes are beautiful. We don’t have king snakes out here.

        Recently I’ve been using my iPhone Pro 13 and my DSLR with a 400mm Bazooka lens for the majority of my photography.

        Actually, I can comment of posts through the Reader. It’s on many sites I can’t comment. Even though my WP info is in the who’s commenting section of the site, the comment box has no cursor and nothing happens when I type. It’s pretty common for a lot of sites. It’s really frustrating.

        Maintaining a good weight is so hard when one has health issues. I know all too well.

        I saw you do floral arranging. We used to compete inrose arranging. It’s been a long time. I work on keeping the roses alive these days. It’s really dry out here.

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