Un Árbol con Santa Cynthia for Cindy

Cindy Georgakas of Unique Times was smitten by Holly’s Tangle Heart Tree. After I gave her the history of the trees, she wants a tree, but she wanted a heart in her tree similar to the Tangle Heart Tree if possible. The Tangle Heart Tree is unique, but I found what I think is the perfect tree for Cindy. Not only does it have many of its branches making multiple heart shapes, it has a figure of a saint praying where a large branch broke off many years ago. It’s also multi-dimensional, varies from classic cottonwood to, strangely shaped cottonwood depending on which side of the tree you are on.

I named the praying saint Santa Cynthia, thinking there was probably no real Saint Cynthia. I looked her up, and the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have a listing for Saint Cynthia [Cinthia] [249], sainted on February 8, 2000, who, according to Catholicism.org, “…was an Egyptian girl who was martyred under Decius. Because she would not worship idols, her feet were tied to a horse and she was dragged through the streets.” She has been praying in Cindy’s tree for many years. Long before she became a saint.

You can make out some heart shapes in the 2nd photo and 3rd photo.

Depending on which side of the tree you are on, it has really interesting shapes.

The first photo shows a decent heart shape. Views of Santa Cynthia.

63 thoughts on “Un Árbol con Santa Cynthia for Cindy

    • Thanks, Michele. I think Cindy will be happy with the tree. Most saints have sad stories. It goes with the territory.

      • Although they are supposed to have miracles associate with them to become saints. I did not see any miracles listed for Cynthia.

    • Thanks, Dale. I need to do a post with trees in fall colors. Your Peach Tree is looking pretty peachy. We also got some wonderful peaches off of it this year.

  1. MY, WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE STUNNERS?! Tooo lovely! It’s enchanting, beguiling and looks like it has a million stories to tell. Sad story about Saint Cynthia.

    • The bosque along the Rio Grande is full of cottonwoods with lots of stories and secrets. Thank you for the wonderful comment, Sam.

  2. WOW, Timothy! I Love my tree unique Tangle Tree. Yippe!!! So many branches to swing from and meditate in too. It is sooo fitting and uncanny and I am so honored. My real name is Cynthia so you have to know my mother will also be thrilled. My birthday is in Feb and I would not be honoring false Gods. I love all of the branches as it reminds me of all of the tentacles I have out like an octopus and they just keep growing. (sometimes I wish I just had one as it would make life simply but it’s just not me)… so you got that right 🤣 Just yesterday I wrote a poem on branches. I’ll have to post that soon. The hearts are just beautiful and the colors so vivid and like me there are so many angles depending on which way you look at both of us. And I love how the sun is shinning through in the picture… just stunning!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dear friend. Does this mean I can use it in my posts?

    • I’m really happy you like it, Cindy. I think you are very deserving. Yes you can use it in your posts anytime you like. You can email me and when you need photos and I’ll send them to you.

  3. WOW. that’s awful about St Cynthia. The trees are beautiful though. One of them looked like it has angel wings carved in the trunk!

    • Thanks, Cheryl. When I named the tree for Cindy, I had no idea there was a Saint Cynthia. I didn’t remember Santa Cynthia when we lived in Spain. There are so many saints in Spain. One of my favorites is Santa Tecla (a Roman site in Galicia, Spain). I called Santa Tecla the patron saint of keyboards and computers (telca – key is often short for teclodo – keyboard).

  4. I just listened to the song you and Cindy did…on her blog.
    You are wonderful, Tim! You bring joy to many!

    • Thanks, Resa. It turned out pretty well. She was pretty amazing in the vocals. She sent me the record sung a cappella that I figured out was in the key of Fm/Ab, and she maintained the key all the way through the song. Untrained singers are usually all over the place in the keys when they sing their own tunes a cappella. Her rhythm was a bit sporadic, to be expected without a metronome, and easy to fix. It was a really quick turn around.

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