79 thoughts on “The Last CHEEZ🧀IT®

    • The Katzus say “It’s a counter not a table!” You might, just a wee bit might, keep one cat off of tables. Seven cats. No way. They rule the roost. We are lucky we get to share the counter and table with them. Thanks, Orca.

      • Ya, I’m always konfuzzlerizered by all those Anglisi terms for basically the same thing. Table, desk, counter …
        And it’s true, if we don’t want the katzus on those things why are we putting them into their home?

      • Exacatacilly. If you don’t want the cats on the furniture then don’t have furniture in your house. Or don’t have cats, but then that is totally depressing. Besides, furniture is totally boring with out cats on it.

  1. My cousin’s cat LOVES cheese too. But she’s very posh, you see- she’ll only eat the gourmet imported herb cheese. We tried giving her our local cheese, and she gave it one sniff and turned away.
    Spoiled cat, that one is… XS!

    • Spunk is a character. Boxes are his bailiwick. You noticed Silver’s eyes. He was very determined. Thanks, Rebecca.

  2. Those cats made me laugh so much😂😂😂😂😂😂!! At first I thought its weird for cats to like cheese crackers, but then I remembered that my cats LOVE to eat chocolate flavoured stuff, and anything that’s sweet😳😅😂😂😂

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