48 thoughts on “Cara de Luna

    • Thanks, KT. It came to me while I was out walking and looking at the moon tonight. With thunderstorms blowing through, I haven’t seen much of the moon this month.

    • Thanks, Marina. We had a thin darker layer under the higher clouds which I think was smoke still lingering from the smoke rolling in from the west in the afternoon. There was enough wind to disperse the smoke before it could settle into the valley.

      • As it turns out, ours was from the fires, this time burning southwest of Athens and though they’ve been burning 3 days now, north winds turned south last night, hence our moon was orangy.

  1. Absolutely marvellous! Even more so because all my attemps failed miserably last night. It’s like I had the shakes or something. Ugh.
    Perfect haiku, too!

    • Thanks, Dale. Maybe your inner moon was so awed by the outer moon that it was making you tremble with anticipation. That would certainly mess up a photo or two. I’m happy you got to see the photo of the moon a little closer in all its glory.

  2. Great metaphor, the moon Luna is a wonder of creation! Today, our moon looks orange, due to the pollution of fire. This morning, I thought I caught the sunrise because the sun was orange! Turns out, it was just saying hello up in the air, as it always does. 🙂

  3. Very neat, Tim. I did chuckle at “Meteorite acne “.
    Sometimes things aren’t really funny, but they are to me, somehow.
    Like a few days ago the landscaper, at Gi’s, accidentally dug up some underground bees. He was in shorts. They attacked him. He fled to his car, but 3 bees made it in with him. A car interior kerfuffle ensued. The 3 bees were all killed.
    I saw John Cleese in this skit.
    Not funny, but funny!

    • Hi Resa. I think “Meteorite acne “ is funny. Often I post something that I think is hilarious, and nobody seems to laugh. Sad. That is great slapstick comedy with the bees, but not for the poor landscaper or bees that got in the car.

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