It’s The Time Of The Season For…


Back, left to right, front: green chile martini, green chile beer, green chile milk, green chile red wine, green chile margarita, green chile white wine, green chile coffee, green chile amaretto on the rocks.

I got our first sack of green chiles for the 2021 green chile season at Wagner’s Farm this afternoon. Anyone who has followed this blog for any time knows we eat green chile on almost everything. Chile is addictive and goes well with anything as you can see from the drinks above. I wrote and recorded The Capsiacin Club song in early 2019. I acquired the guitar and bass that I put the chile skins on at the same time. Ron Blood recorded a new bass line for the song and added his touches on mixing and mastering the recording. I made and first published the video in September 2019.

The Average White Boys celebrating back in September 2017 with the different green chile enhanced drinks in the photo above.

Flaming. Roasting. Roasted.

Four of the Average White Boys in 2017 after doing an all nighter putting up green chiles and drinking chile enhanced drinks.

Pealing. Pealed. Stemmed and de-seeded.

Bagged. Boxed. In the freezer with rats.

91 thoughts on “It’s The Time Of The Season For…

    • Thanks, Lavinia. That’s the first sack. We will put up two or three more over the next few weeks.

    • I grew up on green chile, I can eat it hot, but it makes me sweat. Average white boy DNA (dang not again) gets me every time.

    • Sorry. Chili is found in Texas. It’s chile in New Mexico. Has been for around 400 years.

    • To clarify. Chili is a dish generally made with red chile beans and meat. Chile is the name of the peppers in Spanish. The peppers are called chile in all Spanish speaking countries. Spaniards came into New Mexico in 1540 and ruled it from around 1600 to 1821. Mexico had control of New Mexico from 1821 until 1848. New Mexico became a state in 1912. While most everyone speaks English these days, Spanish is spoken by a lot of people in New Mexico. Spanish was the dominant language for well over 300 years. Chile is the proper name for the fruit.

    • It’s great for cleaning out the sinuses. Eating chile and garlic helps discourage mosquitos, also. The other day Frankie was getting eaten by mosquitos and asked me “Don’t the mosquitos bother you?” I told him that “No! I stink as for as skeeters are concerned.” Between the daily green chile and garlic, the skeeters say “No way José!” to me.

      • I love garlic, but my digestive system can no longer tolerate it….I bloat up like I’m pregnant. 🙄 And hurt. Thankfully, hot peppers and I remain fast friends. I love Mexican and southwestern foods, and cannot imagine life without the hot stuff.

      • it’s rough to live without picante. When we lived in Spain, our families had to send us cayenne powder, and the only restaurants we ate in were Chinese so we could get food that was picante. The Chinese restaurants owners were surprised because we would eat all their hot sauces and ask for more. The Spanish don’t eat hot and spicy food like we do.

    • The rats are for the snake. Chiles and rats are probably not common in most freezers. Thanks David.

  1. I have me some scorpions growing in my potted garden. My son dehydrates his chilies and makes kick-ass chili powder. He also makes oils and sauces. In this house, it is HOT, HOT, HOT!
    Iain (my son) will eat so hot that he gets a buzz. Nuts, I tell you.
    I’ll get your address and send you my apple jelly… it’s got some serious zing 🙂

    • Three hearts! Thanks, Eleanor. Do your eat hot and spicy food in your neck of the woods?

      • Yes! Living the spicy side of life. All our food is New Mexican with chiles green or red, sometime both together called “Christmas”. Almost any restaurant here you will be asked “Red or Green” as to your preference of chile. Although Mexico is on our southern border, I rarely eat Mexican food. There are commonalities in a few dishes like tacos, enchiladas and tamales, but those three are very different between Mexican and New Mexican.

      • I thought there would be. I follow a lot of recipe blogs…as in authentic to wherever the blogger belongs and I get some great recipes from them

      • I can imagine you find some really great recipes. Laurie keeps threatening to start a “Thought for Food” blog.

      • Lol. I do get some good ‘uns. What is nice is that they are very much of the blogger’s country as opposed to some ‘Anglicised’ version.

      • You know Timothy, you are so right re the community. Obvi you sign a book contract and they specify you must have an online presence. it is a term of it and folks were going get a blog. And I thought……. How about how do I do that. And the first wee while it is is hard putting yourself out there. I have to say thought that in no time it became one of the things I love most re writing. I have connected with so many wonderful, amazing, talented, funny, creative people, I’ve learned about places, customs, cooking. You name it.

      • The world is ours if we pursue it, and open ourselves up to different places, different ideas, different customs. I think we become much better people.

  2. If it weren’t for the gruesome fires burning all around us I would say, a smoking great post… but wait, I said it and I just love that song and all the Four of the Average White Boys! 😉

    • Thanks, Marina. I can imagine you are getting a bit of PTSD from anything that’s smoking hot. Hang in there.

  3. At first sight, not being familiar with green chiles, I thought the drinks had rotten banana skins on them. The weirdest thing I’ve ever had in my fridge (it was a shared one) was an artificial insemination kit for a pig. I’m not sure if rats would have topped that.

  4. Ha! Tim, you’ve outdone yourself. This video is so well done. That cool looking guitar sounds great. I got a huge kick out of the Average White Boys GIFs. I love peppers, but my stomach hasn’t been able to handle them for a long time. However, and thankfully, I can usually get away with my favorite roasted green chilis. They are delicious. I actually made a “pepper-tini” years ago when I was out of olives, although it wasn’t with green chilis. I drank it, but can’t recommend that one. LOL. Cheers and hugs.

    • There you go, Teagan. We creative and metally adventures types will make chile work for any occasion. A “pepper-tini” is perfect when one runs out of olives. My stomach does fine with chile, but it does not tolerate hard liquor, and it’s whining about wine these days. Sad state of affairs that is. Thanks for stopping by. Give Crystal a kiss for me. All of us send hugs, purrs and kitty kisses.

      • Aw thank you from Crystal and me. She’s purring away right now, trying to block me from the computer. 😀
        I hear you about hard liquor. My tummy can’t take more than the occasional martini or other mixed drink. Coffee has to be low acid — and most of the new ones I try aren’t “reduced” or “low” enough. Then when I find a brand that works, it disappears.
        Oh well. The sky is blue. The cat is purring, and there’s still green chili. Live is good.

      • The tendancies of products that work to disappear is so annoying. It happens to me all the time.

      • Get this. I just got an email from Deluth trading company for “Armachillo” underwear. The ad says it’s National underwear awareness week. Apparently, National underwear day was August 5th, so now we have a week to be aware of underwear and Armachillos at that. I didn’t notice if Deluth had pink Armachillos, but I thought you should be aware.

      • I love it Timothy. You are so good. I did not want to mention but you know I do not quite like spicy food. I am boring 🙂 That does not mean that I did not enjoy your singing and your video. They are fabulous.

      • You are not boring in the least for not liking spicy food. Unless you limit yourself to porridge, which I sure can be made up into a delicacy, you surely enjoy all types of delightful and tasty dishes that are anything but boring.

      • I have to say, there is not much better than a steak with French fries. In neither are boring. Together they make an excellent source of iron our bodies can absorb and use. So you have nothing to feel ashamed of craving them. Of course, as you can imagine, I put green chile and cheese on both.

  5. Have you ever tried growing them yourself? We usually get some each year from relatives that go to NM just for the chiles, they are something special! Thanks for sharing the video again, that’s a good one, Tim! I also love the, umm, I don’t know what to call the action/photos???, so clever!😊🌶

    • Hi Tiffany. We have grown chiles, but we have wilt in our soil, so we end up losing most of the plants. We have planted chiles in raised bed with potting soil we brought in. We were pretty successful with that. But it’s much easier to go to Wagner’s and buy chiles.

  6. Haha, I love that a video is dedicated to green chiles! It’s very funny and enjoyable. My brother just made short ribs with roasted green chiles. 🙂

    • Thanks, Linda. ‘m happy you enjoyed the video. Good for your brother. That’s a great combo. I Do you get to partake in the short ribs and green chiles?

      • Haha… the chile god! Haha… he has blessed many foods. Yup! I try my brother’s creations.
        It was one of my favorites because the spice adds another dimension to the sweetness! He likes to experiment with short ribs! He hopes to open a restaurant/food truck one day. 🙂

      • That is a great goal to have. I really hope he’s able to do it one of these days. We have lots of food trucks out here. They often park at the many brewpubs we have out here, also, so people can get food with their brews. I made a bloody awful parody, no video, called Brew Pubs and Food Trucks. You can listen to it on the post called “Me Taco Su Taco” if you would like:

      • Haha I remember that post. We have a burrito/taco truck near us as well and it’s the bestest!

  7. Hahaha!
    Honestly, Tim, the shot with all the drinks with the chilies in them took me to the floor!
    ‘Tis a fun video, for sure. You look really cool playing the bass!
    I Must say I love chilies too, but you guys take the chilli cake!
    Hmm, I suppose there is a chilli cake.

  8. Not sure I could survive down there – probably one of the few people that doesn’t enjoy green chilies – my friends think there is something wrong with me.

    • You definitely have some kind of DNA deficiency, but you are not alone. However, it’s easy to forgive since you take great photos of birds and run ultra marathons. Thanks, Brian.

  9. Wow that was wild, the whole experience. Scott said the average white boys club was a cloning experiment gone horribly wrong. We were laughing the whole time. We were looking for the owlets and saw those drinks and a whole table full of guys that looked like you, we both looked twice. I love green peppers and spicy food, those drinks looked wild. I enjoyed the song it was great and the video too. It looks like a lot of work. You are always so entertaining. Did you ever do theater at all, I bet you did. Thanks for all the fun Tim. It is always fun to visit here. xoxoxoxo Joni

    • Hahaha! You know how cloning and multiple personalities go. I’m happy you got to see the quirky side of our green chile culture.

      • We are too. It was actually very entertaining just seeing the amount of work that went into preparing them for the freezer. The drinks sounded interesting. Your video was hilarious we were both laughing so hard. I bet they are really good fresh like you get them. Thanks for that fun ride. Sending hugs to you both. 🤗🤗❤️🦋

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