She’s A Big One

Meet Wilma Wasp, a Toltec Scoliid (Dielis tolteca) that is native to the southwest. I normally only see the butts of Toltec Scoliids sticking out of the trumpet-shaped flowers of the Chitalpa tree. However, this afternoon, Wilma Wasp was really working the Shasta Daisies totally ignoring my phone camera just inches away from her.

40 thoughts on “She’s A Big One

  1. How interesting Tim. Is she a stinging wasp? Great photographs of her. She is big. Nice flowers also. I couldn’t see a stinger on her. Have a great evening my friend. Hugs Joni

    • I got a new iPhone instead of a new lens for wide-angle and super-wide-angle shots. The iPhone is pretty decent at macro, also. Thanks, Rebecca.

  2. Now THAT is a wasp! My goodness Wilma is huge (and by huge, I don’t mean fat, Wilma, don’t you worry) Fabulous captures and good to know, not aggressive…

    • We have the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad in Northern New Mexico. In Albuquerque there are many things named Toltec: lighting, brewery, restaurant, industrial services, etc. Thanks, Dawn.

    • Wilma simply ignores the paparazzo. I think she looks more intimidating on the screen than en vivo. Thanks, Mary Jo.

    • Thanks, appletjle. Catching insects in flight is really hard, but this Big One was a bit slower than most, so she wasn’t as difficult to get in flight.

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