Dog Daze

Tristan brought Jake over for Father’s Day. Jake is a five year-old Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever cross. Jake is very well behaved, but all the cats are totally traumatized that we let a DOG!!!, can YOU BELIEVE IT? A DOG!!!, ¡¡¡Un PERRO!!!, UN CHIEN!!!, UN CANE!!!, come inside the house. I tried to get a photo of Spunk’s despising look, but Jake was being too rambunctious and Spunk ran for cover before I could get a photo. We took Jake to The Beach, and he got into the river for the first time, all recorded in the video below.

Jake is giving Spunk a serious run for the money in the modeling department.

Ready to go to The Beach

62 thoughts on “Dog Daze

  1. Jake is one gorgeous dog, and yes, he can model too!
    I can see it now: Spunk and Jake figure out that as a team they could make some serious money-Spunk and Jake year-long calendars; T-shirts; scarves; etc., etc. No end to the possibilities…
    Happy Father’s Day!

  2. Wonderful pictures of Jake. I am surprised that you have a dog. I like all your cat pictures but adding Jake too is even more wonderful. Have a happy father’s day.

    • Thanks, YellowCable. Jake belongs to Tristan and she only brought him out for a visit for Father’s Day. No dogs and the cats like it that way.

    • Tristan hosed him off on the deck when we got home and then blow-dried him while she brushed out his fur. He sat there loving every minute of the grooming. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • Uncle Spunkle, as Glenda and Gwendolyn call him, has forgiven me. Phew! (Wiping sweat off my brow). Loki is lying on my lap giving me defiant no more dog vibes. Thanks, Resa.

  3. I would like him a lot, I guess, after your descrpition. Jake is exactly that type of dog, that is my ideal. But I can imagine, he is not after the feline taste. Beautiful fotos!

  4. That was a lot of fun at the river for Jake. Unless it’s a cross, you see clearly the Golden Retreiver in it. I had G.R. myself for years. The like to swim ! I can imagine the reaction of the cats and they way they welcomed Jake – LOL. So, no friends to play with at your place for Jake.

  5. For a moment there I thought, a dog in the cat realm? No way!
    But Jake is such a great character!
    Tristan has taught him good manners!
    Hera says ‘Hi’, by the way!
    Love the shots and yes, he’s undoubtedly a great model! 😉

    • He definitely got more rolling in than swimming. There was a lot of rockin’, rollin’ and shakin’ going on for sure.

  6. I cannot tell you just how glad I am that, though he loved water of all sorts – river, lake, ocean, he NEVER rolled in the sand after!!!

    What a handsome fella

  7. Oh my, Jake is a heartbreaker! My friend recently adopted a Great Pyrenese puppy, they are cute, but get huge! I like the combination with the Golden Retriever! I bet all the kitties were glad he only visited!

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