Peace Rallies

We have an old Peace Rose out on the east 40 that I wasn’t sure was going to make it since it only gets water from the irrigation ditch. I noticed it was really rallying this afternoon. That remote bed, which has Color Magic, three other roses and a Dr. Huey are all rallying the best they can. I bought more soaker hoses this morning, so I cut a lot of dead canes out of the roses, and wrapped a soaker hose around all the roses in the remote bed this afternoon. I stretched a long hose over to them, and gave them a good long soak. We should be seeing a lot more fine roses from that bed as the hot, dray dog, cat, gopher and squirrel days of summer drag on.

When the assassin bug on one of the Peace Roses saw the Bazooka pointing at him, he raised his little bug arms and said “Don’t Shoot!” before I shot him. After his initial shock of staring down the barrel of the Bazooka, he took flight and buzzed me as he flew by.

48 thoughts on “Peace Rallies

  1. Gorgeous roses and beautifully captured in close-up. Glad to hear the little bug survived to live another day.

    • Thanks, Lizzie. Assassin bugs are feisty little insects. They are beneficial, but since they are not picky about what the eat, they also get other beneficial insects.

    • I should give all our roses more TLC, but it’s all I can do to keep them watered these days. Thanks, Mary Jo.

    • Peace bees with us. I’m happy with Peace rallying. She’s such a classic rose. Thanks, Rebecca.

  2. Buahaha! You are such a card. “No, don’t shoot!” And you did πŸ˜‰
    Wonderful that you are able to get water out to these beauties.

    • Hi Dale. Happy you got a laugh out of it. Poor thing. If it wore pants it probably would have peed them. I was out cutting dead canes out of other rose bushes this afternoon. I was a bloody mess when I came back in the house. Tristan came over and kept asking me if I was going to wash the dried blood off my arms. I told her “at some point”. She kept pestering me with questions like: “doesn’t it bother you to have dried, sticky blood on your arms?” Me: “No! It’s dried and not sticky!” Tristan: “Yes it is!”. It wasn’t sticky and it wasn’t bothering me, but it was really bothering her. I finally wahsed the dried blood off my arms. She said: “You missed your elbow!” Oh brother!

      • Hi Tim. Yes I did! Poor thing, indeed.
        Oh, I know that feeling. Roses are rather unforgiving, aren’t they? Funny how something can be no nevermind to us but disturb another πŸ™‚

      • One of the reasons I often go around with dried blood on my arms when I’m working outside is if I wash the dried blood off my arms I have to put on a new layer of sunscreen β€” too much response cost.

  3. So beautiful! I just returned from the rose garden at Balboa Park, I can certainly get my fix there, but it would be nice to have my own roses to take care of!

  4. Nice flowers – damn raccoon came back and finished off two of my new flowers last night and then apparently I made a bad selection on one new flower this year as rabbits just took them down to nubs – may have to think about roses next year.

    • The raccoons and rabbits don’t eat our roses, but the porcupines do. Thanks, Brian.

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