No Last Sigh

My monitors, keyboard and mouse on my Strat mouse pad sitting happily on my desk in the new office in front of my new mod lamp.

Unlike Boabdil who, in 1492, gave his last sigh as he topped the hill and lost sight of Grenada, I neither sighed nor looked back after leaving my keys to the office building downtown and headed to the new office building with the last load on office supplies. April 1st begins a new chapter for office life in a new building.

43 thoughts on “No Last Sigh

  1. And isn’t that the perfect way of looking at things?! It is and you certainly have a great new view too! I love that lamp AND that Strat mouse!!!!! Beautiful setup! Happy April, my friend and my best wishes for your new office! 👏👍🌟

  2. I LOVE your mousepad, the lamp, the position of your screens. Happy new beginnings. I especially appreciated that you alluded to the Boabdil sigh. “Verily,it was written in the book of fate that I should be unlucky and that the kingdom should come to an end under my rule!”

    • Hi Rebecca. I was thinking my feelings about leaving the old office after being there over 30 years were opposite of poor Boabdil’s. No sigh from me.

      • I know, Tim! But I haven’t heard about the Boabdil story for so long that I wanted to thank you. I am lucky to have connected with your blog! Always a joy to stop by.

  3. Hope the first day at the new office is going well. When I set up my office at North Ranch, I had a nice clean desk. Since then, I have organized stacks of notes. Nearby, an organized stack of important documents. In the digital era, I probably have more things on paper than in electronic form. I annotate better on paper.

    • Hi David. We still have lots of stuff piled around that we are trying to figure out where to put it all.

  4. Nice set up, I remember you were looking for a new place a while ago. Everything takes time and it looks like it paid off. I like the idea of hanging guitars instead of pictures. Different and adds some spunk to the office at the same time. Love the idea. Glad you finally got your new digs. Hugs Joni

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