38 thoughts on “Deer at Dusk

  1. Hi, Tim. Until now I hadn’t thought about not seeing deer in the Bosque. Friends in the foothills complain about deer eating their flowers. Thanks for these images showing deer in the Bosque.

    • People in the foothills have a lot of problems with deer. Maybe deer hangout in the bosque more than I know, but this is the first deer I’ve seen in the valley. I know bear come down to the river on occasion, but I have not seen a bear. Thanks, Susan.

  2. Really nice photos, Timothy. Like the running one with tail uplifted. White tails can be a real nuisance here in Indiana, including an average of 14,000 deer vs. vehicle incidents each year. ( I have had two of those myself.)

    • Hi Maj & Sher. I have a friend who lived in rural Virginia. He got runover by deer on his bicycle and motocycle numorous times. In 2007 when we were in Virginia training National Parks Service staff how to use software we wrote for them, my programmer at that time, is from Bosnia, had never seen deer before. There were deer grazing along the roads wherever you drove. I had to take her out every evening after training to look at the deer. I tried to explain they are pest, like giant rats, but she was enamored.

  3. They really “melt into” their surroundings!! The average Joe would have missed them, I’ve no doubt. Not your case, of course 🙂

    • Thanks, Dale. I saw the movement from far away. I snapped a photo a checked. It was a deer. We walked about a 1/8 mile to get closer to it for better shots. Fortunately, it stayed on the river until I got up closer to it.

  4. How beautiful. I caught a photo of a huge Elk while vacationing in Ottawa Canada two years ago, he was so perfectly Camouflaged you barely see him. These are amazing!

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