27 thoughts on “Too Much Fireball?

    • The street are is one of the daily pieces left so thoughtfully for people to drive over and step in. Thanks, Amy Rose.

      • All cottonwoods are in danger when there are high winds. Cottonwood trees are brittle and often break when there are strong winds. That’s part of what gives them interesting shapes.

      • We’re safe. We don’t get wind like that very often. How about you. No hurricanes?

      • a storm went through the Keys and got us a little but not much unfortunately moved out into the Gulf and headed for Louisiana and now Alabama and Ga are getting Sally. A whole bunch of tropical waves are forming off Cape Verde Africa and those are the big bad scary ones that seem to want to come our way. Are you being terribly affected by the fires out that way…the air quality can’t be good!

      • On and off the smoke blows our way. But it hasn’t been too bad this week. You don’t go out and surf the waves?

      • I mean Alabama at the Florida Panhandle, but it looks like Mississippi is getting hit, also.

      • Yeah! Floribama got hit hard , esp around Pensacola. Lots of flooding , I heard there was 30 to 40 inches of rain in that storm. So hoping to be spared this year.

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