Gwenyn Brodorol

Gwenyn Brodorol (Native Bee in Welsh)

This is a large native bee of some kind, but I don’t know what its name is. It’s the same size as a bumblebee, but longer, with a more greenish color. It was really working the sunflower and had pollen on its back instead of its legs. I’m seeing fewer bees as the temps are dropping at night. Leaves are starting to turn yellow and I’ve seen a few dead bumblebees on the ground.

56 thoughts on “Gwenyn Brodorol

    • We seem to have plenty of bees through spring and summer. And lots of native bees. Honey bees aren’t very good pollinators compared to native bees, but native bees don’t make honey we harvest so there is a conflict between people having honey bees and our environment having lots of native bees. The plants are winding down for fall and winter and so are the bees.

      • “You gotta pay your danegeld if you want to speak in Welsh, and you know it don’t come easy.” I think you just inspired another parody, Holly. You are getting good at that.

      • Aye Lassie. It’s problably as much Welsh as it is English. As there were a number of Welsh pirates back in the 17th and 18th Centruries ending with Black Bart Roberts one of the most famous and flamboyant among Welsh pirates.

      • My Viking wife calls me a “bogdweller”. I tell her she needs to pay reparations for her people repressing my people. We Welsh “don’t get no respect.” As Rodney Dangerfield used to say.

      • That is super cool. I’m not sure when my kin came over, who knows we may have a tiny bit of kinship between us. I know Price is also spelled or spelt Pryce, also. But there seems to be multiple spellings for almost everything in Welsh.

      • Pryce is very British. I’m guessing Preise sounded a lot like Price so they spelled it that way and it stuck. You never know about kinship but Don’t know anyone other than you out west. 😊

      • You’re not missing much. Moslty fields and grain elevators, which you probably saw plenty of when you rode Route 66.

      • Oh yes and Buffalo. I went to Sturgis several years ago. , not to the festival just to see the country. We were nearly stampeded by a herd of Buffalo, it’s amazing country out there.

      • Buffalo. Oh yes! They are big nasty beasts. When my dad was young, he maintained radio towers in Kansas. He said the towers were 400 feet apart with buffalo all around. He said he had to make a mad dash between towers with buffalo chasing him. I guess you can break them and ride them. Ted Nugent used to ride one on stage during concerts. There’s a series of videos on YouTube called “Guy On a Buffalo”. Look them up if you want a good laugh.

      • I don’t think there are many things buffalo are afraid of. Especially, not motorcycles.

      • No they don’t. I’ve been on the other side of a fence when they charged me. Lucky me it was a strong fence.

  1. Welsh really seems to like to say things in a long way. Very interesting language.
    The shots are super. I adore bees. Are they dead on the ground because it was so cold, and they didn’t get back to the hive in time?

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