Missing its Mate


A sock turned up down and out in an alley in Downtown Albuquerque. Its mate was missing. Socks generally mate for life, but as everyone knows, socks can go missing, and you end up with single socks that are not much good without their other halves. Missing socks have become a serious enough matter…


32 thoughts on “Missing its Mate

  1. The white parts on the surface look like a big cat and little dog are fighting over the sock. Maybe one of them got the sock’s mate……:-)

      • There’s definitely a trend of missing shoes and socks in downtown Albuquerque. Maybe one goes the way of a Bugs Bunny, and the other makes a left and gets left behind.

  2. I can feel all the sadness in the missing part. But I fail to understand what’s that got to do with organic milk and dairy farm.

    • Hi Dot. The sock on the milk carton is a joke in reference to an add campaign from the 1980s and 1990s that put photos of missing children on milk cartons. Otherwise, they have nothing to do with each other.

      • I knew there must be some cultural reference I didn’t get. Now it all makes sense to me. Your piece not only inspires a laugh, but also a thought – everything has everything to do with each other, one cannot be without the other 🐛🐞

      • You would have had to be around in the eighties and nineties to get the reference. Missing socks have perplexed people since the beginning of socks time.

  3. Ha! You pos-i-lutely slayed me with this one, Tim.
    I’m always puzzled to the point of being annoyed when I see a single shoe in the street. Now I see that a single sock in the road has about the same effect.
    This is too good not to share — so I’m off to share. Hugs.

    • Happy to slay you, Teagan. Single shoes are much more common in the streets and alleys downtown than single socks. I can’t seem to pass up photographing single shoes and single socks. But missing socks have always been a conundrum as I put a pair of socks in the clothes hamper, then in the washing machine, then in the dryer, then I take them out of the dryer and one of the socks comes up missing? Where does it go? Am I sacrificing socks to the washer or dryer? It’s crazy.

  4. LOL You made me laugh, Tim! I continually have the MIA sock situation in this house, and for the life of me I have yet to figure it out HOW this happens! It’s about time MIA socks were put on milk cartons.

  5. You usually find socks dancing toe to toe at a sock hop…
    They are often separated by a “paring” knife…
    Really religious socks are “holey”…
    Two socks are company and three are a crowd…

    Me? I make little rags out of those “onesies” for my Armor All applications. 😎

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