33 thoughts on “Graffiti Shadow

    • I have a way of getting banned for life. In the case of the parking garage, I think the gaurd who banned me is long gone, and the parking department didn’t get the memo, and gave me a parking permit. I have not tested my banishment for life from Sandia Pueblo.

  1. What a great shot! So complex while appearing simple on the surface, and so Albuquerque! And that is all apart from getting it from the parking lot from which you were banned for life. ๐Ÿ™‚ ))))))

  2. Your such a rebel, Tim! Great image, too. I have colored glass bottles lined up in my window, I love the way the colors reflect around the room when the sun hits them just right!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I’m like a rebel without a “clause”. I’ll bet you get some good inspirations from those bottles reflecting?

  3. WordPress excels in finding new ways to mess with me. Now it won’t show me your comments (or the ability to make one), but for the moment I outwitted the gremlins and switched to the reader. (Some blogs it won’t let me switch to Reader…) Anyhow, I love the multiple effects of this photo Tim. It’s definitely a keeper. Extremely cool. Re the trees in the next post, the combination of brown and blue is stunning. Hugs on the wing!

    • Hi Teagan. Thanks for making the effort to comment. WP seems to delight in annoying its users. I generally have to comment from the Reader. I can like and comment on only a couple of blogs, and that’s variable at best. I haven’t been able to comment on Animal Couriers blog in months because comments are not allowed in the Reader, and WP won’t let me comment on their site. Those blogs are paticularly frustrating.

      • Yes. There seems to be endless combinations of variables so that the problems are… individualized. It’s as if no two people get the same result or problem. Dan (No Facilities) has spent a ton of time working with them, trying to make them get it right. When they told me “It lets me do it. The problem is at your end,” then I knew my battle was pointless. Have a peaceful evening.

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