17 thoughts on “Apple Chevrolet

  1. The apple and the logo — a brilliant mashup, Timothy. Your application of black and white photography with those two colored foci gives it marvelous composition. Very finely grained too.

    • Thanks, Bill. Sometimes black & white with a splash of color works best. I walked by the apple and truck, stopped, turned around and walked back and photographed it. Seemed too good to pass up.

      • Very glad that you walked back. Photography is an art that involves recognition within an instant.
        My father introduced me to developing photographs in the late 50s. I actually still have some black & white photos from 1961 and a batch of color slides (Agfacolor) from 1972. Somewhere around this place is a Yashica Mat 124g twin-lens reflex camera with undeveloped film in it. 🙂

      • I still have a darkroom, but it’s being used as a music studio more than a darkroom at the moment. You should finish off the roll in the Yashica Mat 124g and get some new film and have some fun with film. Those old Yashica twin lens cameras are great cameras. If there is no local photo labs available, you can send film off for developing, and have the negs scanned at the same time.

  2. The medium format does indeed make a difference, as does the magnifying glass. Analog is a totally different world from digital. I have a soft spot for slide rules and vacuums as well 🙂
    And music studios are fine spaces too.

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