33 thoughts on “Going Green with Gumball Gas

      • Do you remember Sinclair gas stations with their green brontosaurus, and Dino Supreme? I vaguely remember they had some cool commercials. I found one on YouTube from 1964 that’s hilarious: https://youtu.be/vAA7wVYr704.

      • I just looked it up. Sinclair only has a presence in midwest, northwest and western states. Nothing east of Missouri or south of Kentucky. They have a hand full of stations in Indiana and western Kentucky. If you grew up in the south or east of Missouri you would not have seen them.

      • Ah, that would make sense. I live in the NE of the USA. That’s why Sinclair doesn’t ring a bell. Thank you for the research. Now I can stop thinking. At least about green dinosaurs. LOL

      • I could tell that was going to be a mind boggler. I figured there must be something up with Sinclair’s presence or lack thereof where you are. Do you remember Humble Oil’s “Put a Tiger in your Tank” in the 60s and 70s? Humble consolidated into Exxon.

    • Hi Tiffany. I look up their distribution map. They have a lot of stations in the upper midwest, northwest and California. They show only a few stations in New Mexico now. I don’t recall seeing a Sinclair station in ages. With modern pumps, they probably don’t have Dino them.

    • Thanks, Holly. Living way down in Florida, you don’t have Sinclair Dinos. Do you remember seeing any on your Route 66 ride?

      • Old Route has some amazing things. There’s a car collector in town how has also been collecting, restoring and preserving some of the old neon signs that used to grace Old Route 66. I need to see if I can get a tour of the warehouse that houses all that stuff.

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