Rainy Sunday


We’ve had rain on and off all day long. Most of the kitties have been lounging on the bed most of the day, while Marble and Sasha have spent most of the day on the counter enjoying the warmth from the radiator we have under the count to keep us warm while we work at the counter. There were a few times Marble and Sasha would lick one another for a few seconds and then bat at each other in a short sparing match before settling back in. I got a short video of one of there Lick-n-Bat Kitty Spats:

Pure kitty comfort


32 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday

  1. Kitties are so entertaining, especially on cold and rainy days when everyone wants to be in. 🙂 Is Marble dominant over Sasha? I ask only because her paw stays higher, all-the-better-to-swat-you-with if the sparring resumes…

    • That’s a good question, Susan. I would generally Marble tries to be the dominant kitty. She slaps all the other kitties around, but the boys only let her get away with so much, before they start getting rough.

      • It’s my understanding that the fact that Sasha is licking Marble is also a clue that Marble is dominant between the two of them at least. The reading I did online when I got curious about why Kitteh licks our human hands said that licking/grooming is a favor done by a cat lower in the hierarchy to a cat that is higher.

      • Hi Lyn. Sasha and marble take turns licking each other, which, either way, is short and ends in a sparing match. Spunk will hold the other kitties down and lick them until they manage to break out of his hold. Spunk thinks he’s top cat around here, although Silver, being the biggest cat is also the biggest bully. Spunk, Loki and Silver all take turns licking each other. They have their boy’s club.

  2. Love the kitty pictures, they are really cute! The video reminds me of when I had more than one kitty. Lots of those lick and then a bit of a smack episodes!

  3. LOL!!!
    They are so cute!
    J & J do something like that. It starts out lick’n’bat, then proceeds to throat lunges & head attacks.
    Then I kick them off the bed.

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