But Is It Still Art?


The Haphazard Homemaker’s post 10 Minute Picture Frame Wreath reminded me of my first post But Is It Art? that I had done when I first started this art piece in 2014 with two compnents: the print of the spreadsheet and the dollar bill donated by Sean, a computer wizard who owns EDI Systems. Staff and clients have contributed found objects to the piece since then. I added the frame around October or November of 2014, along with a couple of mummified cockroaches from my Cucaracha Crunch Coffee, and Cucaracha Crunch Blonde Coffee.

A closer view of the original components of the piece with one mummified blonde cockroach still hanging on the edge of the dollar bill five years later.


The wider scene of the wall the piece hangs on in my office includes a painting from Brazil a former staff member gave me, our UNM Lobo mascots collection (Lobo Lucie and Lobo Louie), a 1959 Ford Fairlane hood ornament another former staff member gave me, various vintage zip drives, and a framed guitar pick I extracted from the DVD drive that was in yet another former staff member’s laptop. I had to completely disassemble her laptop to get to the DVD drive to extract the pick. It was a very involved process. When I asked how the pick got in the drive, all she said was “Boonesfarm Strawberry Hill wine was involved!”

21 thoughts on “But Is It Still Art?

  1. At first glance, I would say no. It’s bits that should be thrown in the trash. Thrown together in a frame and hung on the wall doesn’t make it art. My sis, Ginny, who has a more refined eye than I, would probably toss it in the trash. But, art is in the eye of the beholder. If someone was to buy it, then it’s art. The more money it earns makes it fine art. 🙂

    Those zip drives, you probably could sell those on eBay.

    • Hi David. I can see your point-of-view that it’s simply collective trash that should be thrown out. However, I disagree that it has to sell to be art. I don’t understand how it would magically turn the piece from trash, in your opinion, to art if sold?

    • HI Tiffany. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Boone’s Farm wine of any kind. I can imagine a lot of stories are behind consumption of their products.

  2. We were recently given some Strawberry salsa and are not sure whether to eat it. I was thinking yes, my sweetheart is dubious, but now I’ve heard what happened to the lady because of the Strawberry Hill wine, perhaps I ought to reconsider. Having said that the only musical instrument we have here is an old trombone, and it would take a lot to get that wedged into a computer.

    • Hahaha! You might be surprised what you can do with an old trombone and Strawberry Hill wine and Strawberry Salsa. It would surely be art. Thanks, Susan.

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