18 thoughts on “Platinum Super Duty

    • Hi Gary. It’s a giant pickup truck. Sometimes they need to be big, but this one is simply an outlandish compensation truck.

      • If fuel here was the same price as it is for you, I expect we’d have giant pick up trucks too. I’m always in awe of the huge V8 trucks in North America. Toyota doesn’t have a V8 here except for high end SUVs. The only V8 pick up truck imported here is a Dodge Ram and they are very uncommon.

      • We have lots of muscle cars and high end sports cars out here, also. Gas prices are not an issue in the least. Farmers need pickups, but people like them because they are big and obnoxious. To be fair, I have a pickup truck, but I only use it for hauling stuff.

      • When Ford, General Motors Holden, and Toyota stopped making cars here a few years ago, our enthusiast community wept. We now import everything and because of our emissions rules on imported vehicles, we only see stock standard Mustangs and the occasional Chev and fewer Mopar offerings.

      • Emissions rules and import duties keep a lot of nice cars from people who would appreciate them around the world.

    • Hi Lavinia. It’s diesel, so it probably gets a few mile to the gallon, but with those tire, it’s not going to do very well.

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