Balloons? What Balloons?

Our neighbor’s horse seemed oblivious to the balloons.

Many balloons launched from Corrales and Rio Rancho, and flew to the balloon field this morning. Several balloons inflated in our neighbor’s field north of us.







26 thoughts on “Balloons? What Balloons?

  1. Oh wow, there’s a bunch right in your neighborhood! Wonderful photos Tim. What an exciting day!

  2. More Balloons on the Bosque! Thanks for sharing so much of this year’s Fiesta with us. (If it’s near the end of Fiesta, can cranes be far behind?)

    • Hi Susan. Cranes should be on their way. We drove by Ladd S. Gordon on the way to and from Socorro this afternoon. I didn’t see any fowl activity as we drove by.

    • When I was walking by a saw the horse, who was ignoring the balloons with all the noise of the burners, It was surreal. Thanks, Rabirius.

  3. beautiful look for these balloons that are inflated behind the horse that seems to be impassive (it makes a lot of noise a balloon inflates)
    the other pictures are colorful and beautiful, I really like
    Good Sunday

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