Funky Chicken


There were scattered clouds and light winds for the 4th day of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Not only was the Funky Chicken out, but a Diablo, Leopard, Rocky Raccoon and a few other special shapes. A lone Turkey Vulture was perched on the top of the dead cottonwood watching the balloons.







33 thoughts on “Funky Chicken

  1. Balloons on the Bosque…love them all but especially the ones with the turkey vulture – another glimpse of Albuquerque “behind the scenes.”

  2. I wonder if they put restrictions on companies trying to advertise their logos here? It seems to be mostly cute and creative balloons, only noticed a few logos, but maybe you only focused on the cool ones?

    • Hi Tiffany. There are no restrictions on companies advertising. Some companies rent space on balloons for advertising. A lot of times companies have special shapes that advertise their brand. Creamland Dairies has a giant cow that I haven’t seen this year. There’s an owl balloon that is a beer brewery in England. Wells Fargo has a stagecoach. The obstetrician who delivered our daughter has a stork balloon. There are a lot of companies flying balloons, but the majority of the balloons are people who like flying balloons.

  3. “No matter how hard I hold my breath, I still can’t float like those guys”. Misplaced vulture envy.

  4. I’m like a kid at a parade, getting as many helium filled balloons as I want!
    Hehehe… To pop, or not to pop? That is the question.
    Loving the Turkey Vulture!

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