A Dashing, A Splashing, A Bobby & Vixen

The balloonists were splashing and dashing in the Rio Grande before sunrise this morning, and continued until well after sunrise. There were soft breezes moving the balloons very slowly near the water. I doubled the speed of the video to make it easier to watch. The last 10 seconds of the video was recorded yesterday. It shows how the balloons move different directions at slightly different altitudes. They call the wind directions changing every 100 feet or so “The Box” and the box makes if very easy to navigate balloons in this part of the Rio Grande Valley.

28 thoughts on “A Dashing, A Splashing, A Bobby & Vixen

  1. The early morning mist on the River adds an almost surreal touch to the scene. Beautiful capture…

  2. I absolutely loved this Tim! Thanks for taking time to make and adjust the video. Just the thought of then dipping in the river was magical to me. I always got such a kick out of the special shape balloons. Hugs on the wing! (Sharing)

  3. Amazing! This was so fun to watch! I can not I believe all the different shapes!

    Thank you Tim for sharing… I love Hot Air Balloons!

  4. These ballon posts keep getting better.
    I adore your video. Although, it is somewhat frightening to see the fire shoot up int the balloon. Do the occupants wear some kind of parachute?
    Your photos are amazing. Macy’s parade Balloons have nothing on this. WOW

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