20 thoughts on “Mongoose

    • Hi Teagan. It is not uncommon to see a bike frame locked to a post or bike rack and stripped completely. The chain rings are bent on this frame, so the crank set and front shifter were left.

    • This one is outside a strip club, and there’s a bar across the street. The person might have ridden the bike so he (I presume it was a he) could get wasted and ride home. He probably got wasted and forgot he rode the bike. But it could have been stripped while the person was doing whatever downtown. Thanks, Robin.

    • Hi Tiffany. You are up on the lingo. The place is called Knockouts Gentleman’s Club. I guess “Strip Club” is a bit old fashioned, as is “Stripper”. I believe the women are “Models” and “Dancers”. It’s obviously not a good place to leave a Mongoose.

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