16 thoughts on “Nine Victors & A Tomcat

  1. There seems to be a theme underway. My eye is drawn to the ruffian, unbranded one… then the ‘Top Cat!’ theme tune starts playing in my head. I did see it is Tomcat, but I don’t need much to trigger a cheery tune. 🙂

    • The unbranded that caught your eye is probably a Victor, but it’s branding has long faded away. It doesn’t take much to trigger a tune. Thanks, Susan.

      • I thank goodness we don’t have a mice problem here. We have 8 cats to take care of any mice IF we did, and within that group I have a couple of super hunters. I hope you get your problem under control.

      • We have seven cats, and they do a pretty good job with the mice. The photo is at Laurie’s parents property. They have areas where the cats don’t go that mice do.

  2. Reminds me of when I was a kid, if ever I saw a rigged trap, I would set it off as to not hurt a poor mouse! Now I get it, no one wants an infestation, but yeah, cats usually take care of these things!

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