39 thoughts on “A Persistence of Prairie Dogs

  1. Oh my gosh. You won’t believe this but when my Pa lived in Colorado, I was taken by these little guys. My Pa called them rodents but I trying tried to take photos of them but they moved too fast. What a wonderful view for me Tim. Thanks for the bringing this back to my remembrance. I’ve been missing my Pa a lot lately! It’s almost Fall. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m happy you had fond memories. Here’s a funny prairie dog story for you. Some years ago Albuquerque was having problems with prairie dogs on the east mesa. They wanted to move the critters without hurting them, so they hired a guy who vacuumed prairie dogs out of their holes. After lots of vacuuming, the guy got one or two prairie dogs. It was a true prairie boondoggle.

  2. I love watching them!!!!! Certainly can be a nuisance – but in their own habitat without causing destruction, they are adorable, whimsical and great fun!!! Great Shots and thanks again for helping me today!!!!!! I got through 2 of the 3 courses…FORGOT to reset the block…must do that tomorrow!!!!


    • Thanks, Patti. Prairie dogs are cute and funny. Happy you got through two of the courses. Finish the last course before turning the blocker on.

  3. Vacuumed them out of their homes? We used to have one of those flat, manual carpet sweepers and our dogs would go mad with irritation if we dared to use it while they were around, trying to bite around the edge of it. If the prairie dogs had the same vice, it would have been easy to bag them up and move them on.

    • Hi Susan. The guy tried to vacuum them out of their holes in the ground with a big vacuum truck. There are videos on YouTube that show prairie dog vacuuming.

      • Imagine a large area with thousands of prairie dogs and they guy got one or two. He said it was because of they way the PDs had their tunnel systems, he couldn’t seal the tunnels to get enough suction to vacuum the DPs. Seems like the PDs were smarter than the vacuum guy. But as I said, the whole thing was a big prairie boondoggle.

      • Not great, then. I once sat for a long while with a spade planning to catch and dig up a mole. Needless to say the mole stayed well clear.

      • We don’t have moles, but the gophers are a problem. When I irrigate, they will accost me for flooding their holes. Gophers can be aggressive little critters. Their holes siphon water and flood areas I don’t want watered.

  4. Tim, they are so cute!! I’ve watched a few documentaries about them and they are fascinating creatures. You had to have enjoyed watching and photographing them so much! What an awesome day for you! Sure am glad you shared these here.

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