28 thoughts on “Sooner Or Later

  1. I somehow envisioned you as a benevolent character on Breaking Bad, bestowing safety to all who want it. I guess it only makes sense you like in Albuquerque.

    • I’ve never seen Breaking Bad. The photo will make little or no sense to people who don’t see the windows with the signs day after day, month after month… But then again, photos don’t have to make sense.

  2. This doesn’t bode well, it the place is to become a fast-food outlet? (Hehehe!)
    The grey car on the left looks like the front of a UK Ford Fiesta.
    TTFNski, Sir.

  3. Clever advertising! When it finally does come, people will be lined up around the block talking about how long it took! Maybe! πŸ“šπŸŽΆ Christine

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