25 thoughts on “Humming Weeds & Clouds

  1. I love seeing the little hummingbird against the clouds! I don’t think I’ve seen hummers shown that way.

    • Hi Susan. The hummingbirds play this game when I’m on the levee. They hoover in front of me, but then they move to one side of the lens our the other when I point my lens at them. Getting them in focus is really hard. I don’t know if they can see their reflections in the lens or they simply see I’m pointing something at them, but they move just enough to get out of the viewfinder, so I have to keep changing positions with them.

  2. It must have been wonderful to get such a good look at the little guy, Tim. This is fabulous. There are 2 that I see here, sometimes together other times just one. They are amazing little creatures. Hugs on the wing.

    • Thanks, Teagan. They are easier to photograph when they are occupied frolicking in the weeds. They are very difficult to photograph when they are hovering in the clouds.

  3. What amazing photos! Great job on catching the hummer, not to mention with such focus. Thanks for sharing with us, Tim.

    • Thanks, Narine. The shots of the hummers in the clouds are difficult to get well focused.

  4. How lovely! You really do live in a wonderful place. I saw a field full of Hibiscus and hummingbirds in Trinidad, years ago. Less years ago, I saw 2 hummers in my yard, one day. Other than that, it’s as I always say, pigeons, sparrows, grackles, Canada geese and sea gulls. (The odd ducks and the occasional swan on the lake.)

    • Thanks, Resa. We have a good variety of birds out here, but only a couple of types of hummingbirds seem to frequent the valley. You have the urban birds. We don’t have pigeons in the bosque or around our property (we have lots of doves), but we have lots and lots of pigeons downtown. We have crows, sparrows, lots of Canadian geese, but no swans.

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