Male Queen


This is a male Queen Butterfly feeding on purple wildflowers in the bosque. You can tell he’s a male by the black, teardrop shaped spots on the lower inside of his wings that are pheromone scales. Unlike Monarch butterflies that don’t use pheromones to attract mates, the Queens do.







31 thoughts on “Male Queen

    • Thanks, LiDea. I visited your blog and it was all Russian to me. I don’t know how well Google Translate really translates Russian, but the translations seemed to make sense.

      • Unfortunately, I can not install the translator for the blog now, but as soon as I have the opportunity, I will definitely do it! Sorry for the extra problems with the translation!

      • No problem with going to Google to translate. I always wonder how good it’s doing. It seems to get close, so I can basically understand what you are writing. The wonders of AI.

  1. Great shots, Timothy. The Queen is Monarch like, for sure. I’ve seen very few types of butterflies in my life, and I think if I saw a Queen, I would call it a Monarch. Now, I’ll look more carefully.

    • Thanks, Resa. The Viceroy Butterflies look more like the Monarchs than the Queens. The only way to tell a Viceroy from a Monarch is the patterning on the lower wings is different.

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