When I told Spunk the exciting news about Felder Rushing asking permission to play Spunk’s song, Dumpsta-Spunk Meowing at the Half Moon, for the “cheesy tune of the week” section on his radio program called The Gestalt Gardener that airs on NPR on Friday and Saturday mornings each week, Spunk just gave me his look of (see above) “Felder??? Radio??? NPR??? Cheesy??? What the catnip are you talking about?” I forgot that Spunk is a Cyber kitty whose main reference to the airwaves is WiFi and Kitty ESP. After I explained that “cheesy” is like “cool”, and that Felder Rushing has a “cool”, but not “cheesy”, website/blog called Felder Rushing’s Blog: Gardening Wisdom and Whimsy, and that he gives “unique keynote lectures, workshops, and informal garden talks, coast to coast, for Master Gardeners (national, regional, and state levels), garden clubs, horticulture societies, botanic gardens, universities, library groups, banquets, and even ‘spouse entertainment’ events at various non-gardening conventions.”, Spunk was much more impressed, but he still doesn’t get the parts about radio and cheesy.

Felder learned about my blog from Susan Rushton.  Susan and I have followed each other’s blogs for a long time. Susan does fantastic photos of the most interesting flowers and gardens. Susan’s blog is Susan Rushton: Celebrating gardens, nature, photography and a creative life.


27 thoughts on “Radio?

  1. Haha, congratulations! What great news this is! 🙂 Love the expression on Spunk’s face by the way! Thanks for letting me know about these other great blogs too.

  2. As soon as I heard it I knew it was destined for NPR. I think Spunk is (1) trying to look modest and (2) working out the track listing for his album.

    Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

    • You know Spunk does have a couple of parody videos — “Spunk Fought the Mouse and the Mouse Won” and “Go Go Catzilla”, and I’m sure he has more songs in his kitty head; therefore, he maybe planning an album. I’m thinking about submitting “Meowing at the Half Moon” to the National Song Writing Contest, but I can’t find the rules to see whether cats can enter.

  3. It all makes sense to me, Spunk being from a mewsical family, and having such a great rock star look and all. Fabulous & congratulations to Spunk! Oh ….. and to you, too!

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