21 thoughts on “An American Tourister on Old Route 66

  1. Funny, I was just thinking about those old bags. My mother had a baby blue set made of leather when I was growing up. It had a hat box and all.

    • Leather bags would be cool, but for flying today, I think the leather alone might make up half the weight you’re allowed per bag. We got a set of new American Tourister bags in rose gold last year before we went to Paris. Hip color and super lightweight.

  2. American Tourister and Samsonite, the two big names in luggage. We were the Samsonite brand growing up. My dad still has the 1950s style suitcase and the train case from a early 1960s two piece set. My sister took the suitcase when she went to grad school in the late 1970s. The train case is the perfect size for a cat to sit in … not enough room for a nap.

    • Hi David. It seems like the later model suitcases don’t last much more that a few years these days. The wheels break, handles come off, locks don’t hold, etc.

  3. I had a case almost like that. I mean it was my mother’s case 🙂 I threw it away … stupid! I regret about it so much…

    • Old suitcases weigh so much that they are not good for flying with. But many of the old suitcases were really well made. Thanks Narine.

      • I’d love to go back in time. In some ways, some of your pics do just that. They are a bit of a time machine!

      • I’ve thought about going out and documenting a lot of what’s left of Old 66 through New Mexico. A lot of people have done it. It seems whenever I driving I-40 (replaced Old Route 66) outside of Albuquerque, I don’t have time to stop and photograph the relics.

      • It looks like Laurie and I will be presenting papers at the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association’s 2019 conference in November in San Diego, CA. I’m planning on taking enough time off to drive to the conference and document Old 66 relics along the way in the western half of New Mexico, and eastern edge of Arizona.

      • Wow! That sounds amazing! The whole thing, the conference, the drive and mostly the photos I look forward to seeing. Yay!

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