The City of Albuquerque kicked off their first Heights Summerfest: Free, family, fun, concert-series last night, with Dumpstaphunk as the national headliner. Dumpstaphunk is a fantastic group of musicians, who put on a great show. We stood up against the barrier at the stage, and enjoyed their great sound as their funky bass and drums vibrated through our bodies (bass and drum vibes will heal what ails you like kitty purrs).  Dumpstaphunk’s performance inspired Jeremiah and the Lizards to write and record Froggyphunk, above. Jeremiah and the Lizards are not quite as talented or as funky as Dumpstaphunk, but they came up with a decent tune. Jeremiah borrowed a recording of a “Chorus of Toads”  from Laurie’s brother, Lane. Lane recorded the group of toads singing around his pond late one night. The chorus of toads adds a rather unique froggy element to Froggyphunk.

Dumpstaphunk members from left to right are Ryan Nyther on trumpet, Alex Wasil on trombone, Tony Hall on bass, Ian Neville on guitar, Alvin Ford Jr on drums, Nick Daniels III on lead guitar, and Ivan Neville on keyboards. Ivan Neville has a Hammond B3 organ with a Leslie as part of his assortment of keyboards. You don’t see many B3’s these days.
Nick Daniels III also played bass. The two basses gave Dumpstaphunk a super funky sound.
Dueling basses.
Trombone solo on the monitors right in front of me.

17 thoughts on “Froggyphunk

  1. Jeremiah and the Lizards, just like the AWB, another good band to add to my favourite ones!

  2. Cool tune Tim! Keep jamming ’em out. It was great to see you and Laurie there Dumpsta diving with the rest of us. Dumpstaphunk was awesome. Thanks to the City of Albuquerque for bring ’em here!
    No time to socialize, center stage and front rail. I’ll catch up with you later man.


    • Hi Ron. Thanks for letting me know Dumpstaphunk was playing, as I don’t tend to keep up with happenings in the NE Heights. Front stage center was where we liked to be for concerts when we lived in Spain.

  3. That was amazing; your creativity can be so much fun! I guess I should start paying attention to stuff going on in the Heights. And thanks to Lane for the froggy background. 🙂

    • Thanks, Susan. After posting Jeremiah and the Lizards last week, I remember Lane had that toad recording. It worked out well. The next Summerfest is in July at Nob Hill. Then Downtown and the Westside in August.

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