Owl Update


The three owlets from two doors down were playing on the ditch bank and in the bosque last night, while mama owl watched from a perch along the clearwater ditch.

Two owlets sparring over a perch.


They noticed the paparazzo,

Can you find all three owlets?

The three owlets and Mama owl.

30 thoughts on “Owl Update

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I have not seen anything of Virginia to the north, but these three are hanging around for the time being.

  1. I’m glad this year’s south owls are still hanging around and hope that next year there will be another batch of owlets in the same place. I did see all three. (I’m still hoping the badgers will show up again 🙂 )

    • Hi Susan. I think the badgers moved north. Leslie and Matt said they saw badgers further north of the den where I photographed them. We haven’t seen them for a a couple of weeks now.

  2. What a precious series of images. The pattern of the feathers seen from the side took me by surprise. I’m glad you asked if we saw all three as I had only seen the one at first glance.

    • Hi Susan. The photo with all three on different perches shows how well they camouflage.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. It’s nice to have you visit. It’s been awhile. Owls blend in really well, and can be very difficult to find, even when you hear them.

  3. Tim!!! This is Catherine Lukes, the neighbor down the ditch 2 spots from the owl nest… Would you believe that I remembered your email address when I got back home but then didn’t write it down and got to doing other things and now have forgotten!!! elcheo? elchapo?? ugh!!!

    Anyhow, this is the post with the picture of the owls – the 3 owlets in the tree with the caption “can you find all 3 owlets?”. That’s the pic I’m interested in… though I could find 100 more as your photos capture the beauty of our bosque at a deeply profound level. Thank you for your pictures and your blog… and thank you for being willing to share!!

    Please let me know the prices for the metal print say around a 12X16???
    thanks so much :o)

    • Hi Catherine. It’s elcheo. I’d get in trouble using elchapo. I sent you an email with options and prices for a 12X18 print.

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