Badgers in the Bosque

Leslie, one of our bosque buddies, walked towards me on the ditch bank holding her camera in such a way I knew she got something special. “I got a first for the bosque!” she called out. “A badger” as she showed me a photo of a badger looking over a pile of sand on her camera’s screen. I said “Wow! I didn’t know we had badgers in the bosque.” On Friday afternoon I walked through the bosque and found the badger’s burrow, but the sun was still fairly high, and I didn’t see any badgers.

Last night I went out at sunset, and found a mama badger and two large badger cubs playing and foraging around the entrance to their den. I started shooting video with a 320mm lens. I was about 50 to 75 feet from the badgers.  One cub at the entrance of the den saw me and watched me while its sibling romped and tugged at it. I moved to a better position, because the camera kept trying to focus on the foliage in the foreground. While one cub watched me, its sibling hadn’t noticed I was there, and started foraging on the edge of the sandhill. Likewise, mama badger was oblivious while I filmed her and her cubs. The cub playing on the edge of the mound suddenly noticed me, stopped, stared at me for an instance, and then ran to the den and dived in the hole. The mama ran up the the entrance of the den at the cub’s sudden activity, and acting slightly confused, she put her head down toward the hole. All of a sudden she shifted her position and looked at me as if the cubs said “Mama! There’s a paparazzo filming us.” She looked at me for a second, and then dove in the hole herself.

I started calling them and I believe the cub that was looking at me from the beginning, popped its head up and stared at me. I talked to it, told it I was okay. It ducked back into the hole, only to pop it’s head up again a few seconds later. It seemed fascinated by the paparazzo in black talking to it. It started getting dark, so I said my goodbyes and the cub stared at me halfway in the entrance to the den as I walked away.

I wrote and recorded the music accompanying the video this afternoon. The Badgers seemed worthy of their own song.

19 thoughts on “Badgers in the Bosque

    • Hi Tiffany. They are darling. First time I’ve seen them in the wild, also. We seem to be getting new critters in the bosque very year.

  1. Amazing video! Who knew they were so cute until you made the video! I think bosque critters must communicate, and they knew the guy in black was no threat. Seeing that little one pop up to get another look was adorable. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • HI Susan. I’m in love with them. They are just adorable. Laurie was dragging her feet getting out of the house last night and didn’t make it down to the badgers. She figured I wouldn’t see them. She went with me tonight, and when we got to the den there were no badgers to be seen. I called the badgers, and it was really cute. All three came running, but didn’t run into their den. They all hung around aways from the den so Laurie got a really good close look at them. All three eventually went into their den, and then mama badger came all the way back out of the den several times and stared at us for awhile.

      • It’s wonderful to hear they came – there seems a promise of many more images as they grow. Like the owls these past two years… I’m glad Laurie got to them, and I know she’ll see them many more times! They are so adorable!!!

  2. Aren’t they cute! I never seen them in the wild.

    The slow motion really added to the video. And the last one playing peek a boo at the end was perfect!

    • Thanks, Nancy. They are very fast, so I added the slow motion to show the movement better.

  3. Never heard about these animals. They look very cute… and invite people to write guitar music!

  4. The badgers are too cute! Thanks for the most entertaining music that goes with the video and for sharing it all with us.

    • Thanks, Juanita. I never thought of them as cut until seeing them in person. But they are still cranky, dangerous animals.

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