23 thoughts on “Bored Boar

  1. What a sweet face! Many years ago my cousins had three potbellied pigs, Wilbur, Charlotte and YooHoo. Wilbur took off, and was reported to be living in a haystack on a neighboring farm, and then he bit a cow on the nose when the cow got too close. Wilbur was on the run after that, never seen again.

  2. Weโ€™ve got lots of wild boar running around in the deep brush on Merritt Island unfortunately a guy was attacked by one and was pretty messed up. That is their territory, gotta be aware. He does look sad a penned up .

    • Hi Holly. These guys are simply pets, but we have javelina in the southern part of the state that came mess people up, and then the ferrel pigs can be real problems.

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