Fish Run


The New Mexico Game & Fish Department stocked the clearwater ditch this morning. The game warden had to do a 25 yard dash from his truck with a net full of 14 month old Rainbow Trout to the bridge where he released the fish into the clearwater ditch. With the beaver dam on the other side of the bridge, the water is three to four feet deep, so after the initial shock of their high dive into the water, the fish quickly recovered and swam off in various directions. The warden said the trout came from the Lisboa Springs Fish Hatchery north of Pecos, New Mexico. You can learn about fish hatcheries in New Mexico at





21 thoughts on “Fish Run

  1. That is very interesting – I didn’t know the Clearwater ditches were stocked. Laurie is an adorable onlooker in the background. 🙂

    • Hi Susan. NMG&F has stocked the clearwater ditch for as long as I can remember. Years ago they used a big tank truck that released fish as they slowly drove along the ditch. I don’t know when they started the fish dash method for releasing the fish. Laurie had her fashion pinks on for the occasions.

  2. Well… They’re safer in the clear ditch than they are in the Pecos river. Great action photos Tim! The expression on Laurie’s face is priceless.

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