Takes Two Pterodactyls To Tango


I wasn’t expecting Mr. pT. (Great Blue Heron Pterodactyl) at the beginning of our walk. I had my ISO set at 400, which is a little slow against dark trees at sunset.  It’s one thing not to expect the Mr. pT., which I should know better, since I see him almost every night. But I really wasn’t expecting to see Ms pT., so imagine my surprise and excitement when Mr. pT. swooped down and flushed Ms pT. out of the clearwater ditch to do a pterodactyl tango on their way over the bosque to the rio Grande.  Part of the challenge is to see if you can find Mr. pT. against the tangle of bare cottonwood branches in the first six photos; and then see if you can find Mr. pT. and Ms pT. in the 7th photo and the last photo.















16 thoughts on “Takes Two Pterodactyls To Tango

  1. What a fascinating series! I haven’t found Mr in all the images, but I’ll go back and look more. The pair capture is great. Sooner or later you will publish some of your amazing images as a book, “Life on the Bosque.” I cannot imagine that anyone has spent more time with a camera in the bosque than you have.

  2. Wow so you take your camera on your walks? What a great idea. Then you would be ready. I’m always forgetting to bring my camera. I need to start doing that more too. It’s dark by the time I get home so when the days start getting longer it will be nice! 🙂

    • Hi Michelle. I rarely go out to the bosque and river without one of two cameras on me. It’s usually after sunset and pretty dark when I do owl and beaver photos. Sometimes I can get the herons before the sun goes down.

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