16 thoughts on “Diesel Truck Stop Restaurant

  1. I’ve never seen a truck stop like that. Neat! I grew up in the prairies, so I have seen some amazing skies. Was there a big storm?

    • Hi Resa. It was a really big storm. It caught up to us on I-25 not long after leaving the abandoned truck stop. The rain came down so hard we could not see more than a few feet in front of us. I had to pull of the onto the shoulder and wait for the rain to pass. We get dust storms in Southern New Mexico that are just as blinding. There are warnings all along I-10 about dust storms with instructions to pull off the road, turn off the headlights, and keep your feet off the brakes.

      • Just like in the prairies! Well, not so many dust storms, but some after a dry summer. Glad you are okay, and that your car didn’t get caught in a surge and float somewhere dangerous!

      • We survived that one, but we did get caught in a flash flood in 2013 behind the mountains and the insurance totaled my car from the water damage.

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