26 thoughts on “Dear Grandpa

  1. That is a beautiful image of ghosts from days gone by. Is that Tristan at the typewriter? My mother had an Underwood just like that one. Seeing that typewriter brought back a lot of memories. I also used it to type up reports back in high school.

    • Hi Lavinia. That’s Tristan and a photo of my dad’s bunk in England during WWII. Tristan would put the black caps over the keys to practice typing. It takes some finger strength to type on those old typewriters.

      • Years ago my mom had that typewriter or a similar one in the cabinet that the typewriter slide down inside, and a lid covered the typewriter to make a desktop. One of my bull snakes, Mr. Spock, got out of his cage and crawled up in the typewriter. When my mom opened the lid to pull out the typewriter, Mr. Spock was curled up on the typewriter hissing at her.

  2. The Underwood was the best typewriter in its day, probably in typewriter history until the IBM Selectric came. My mom learned on the Underwood; she said it was a nice typewriter until you had to change the ribbon. She also had a chance to type with an IBM Selectric; she liked the Selectric the best.

    Nice collage print.

    • I used both the Underwood and the IBM Selectric. Neither very well. Thank God for computers and spell check.

  3. Oh…very neat! is that a collage from cut out paper and gluing? Or is it like photoshop art? Or both?
    Whatever, it is a very, very cool work of art!

    • Hi Resa! All done in Photoshop. We digitized a series of photos that were my dad’s from WWII and when he worked on the H-bombs in the 1950’s. We also digitized letters from his dad when he was in France in WWI. I’ve used the photos and letters for various collages.

      • Totally neat and creative! You also have an interesting paternal history. Congratulations. My grandfather(father’s side) died in WWII. I never got to meet him.

      • That’s too bad. I met my grandfather on my mom’s side when I was very young, and my grandfather on my dad’s side, who lived on the same property with us, died when I was 5.

  4. Very nice work Tim!
    The Typewriter is a very secure communications terminal.
    Tristan appears to have a very interesting social network.

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