Five Miles in the Snow


We went out for a walk early this morning and walked five miles in the snow. We headed south on the levee for a change of scenery.


Cranes glided through the snow.
Entrance to the enchanted bosque.
Laurie at the entrance to the enchanted bosque.
Laurie walked in to see what spirits might be lurking about in the snow.
She came out and signaled all safe. The spirits were taking a snow day.

20 thoughts on “Five Miles in the Snow

  1. For a place that doesn’t have snow all the time in the winter, your snow is breathtaking.
    Meanwhile, in Toronto, Canada, it’s -17C, and no snow.
    I’m confused.

    • It’s a bit confusing for sure. It’s cold in Toronto. We had a high today of 2.2ยบ C (36ยบ F).

  2. Up here we only got a dusting of snow…but there was black ice on the driveway when I took the garbage out for pick up tomorrow. Your images are beautiful as always. Any pic with Laurie as model just makes me feel alive. Great contribution to an otherwise dreary day.

  3. Remarkable snow photos, Tim! The cranes are in perfect form as well as Laurie in her blue jacket! Nice contrast in the Enchanted Bosque! ๐Ÿ“š๐ŸŽถ Christine

  4. Wow! It really does look like an enchanted world. Someone must have been there when they dubbed New Mexico the Land of Enchantment. But horsefeathers! Your feet must have been cold with five miles of snow! Hugs.

    • You are right. They don’t call it the Land of Enchantment for nothing. We have good books so our feet don’t get cold. Thanks, Teagan!

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